Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dive Team members assist The Marine Mammal Stranding


Today, team members, Flo, Chet, and Tom C. assisted Bill Deer from the MMSC. A call came in to the MMSC that a possible dead Seal was on the beach. Bill asked if we would check it out and help him pick it up.

The seal was found at Brick Beach III, near the surf line. It was a young female Harbor Seal. It looked like she was emaciated and very sick.. Bill thought she may have come on the beach last night, and froze to death. Not all our seal sightings can be rescues.

- Flo

Marine Mammal Stranding Center Info...

Back on 9 April 2007 the Dive Team assisted on the recovery of a Gray Seal that was found stranded near the Manasquan Inlet. See that post here...

Video of release of a seal by the Marine Mammal Stranding Center