Sunday, March 07, 2010

2010 "Sale of the Sinkers"....

On Sunday, February 21, 2010, we were all geared up for one of our annual fundraisers. Every year, Ocean Fire Company #1, stationed in Point Pleasant Beach, runs a Fisherman's Flea Market, renting space in Antrim Elementary School in the center of town. As a professional courtesy to another EMS organization, the Fire Department has always provided us a table, free of charge, to allow us
to sell our wares. SELL WE DID!

In and among all the fishing and nautical supplies, our table was to feature about 1 ton of lead (we're not exaggerating) in the form of recovered sinkers. No sooner did we arrive at the school, before the flea market opened, and other vendors were fighting over who would get to purchase our scrap lead in bulk. Assistant Chief Melo brokered a couple of deals, and then we focused on smaller sales. We started at 20 ounces for $1, and it only got better for customers from there. Fishermen who didn't even know that they needed sinkers bought
sinkers! Who could resist, considering that our sinkers were pre-seasoned,
field-tested, bottom-compatible, AND guaranteed to sink!

"You dropped it, we found it!" We also sold a basin of recovered lures, three
salvaged fishing poles, and a dozen "nautical antiques" (old bottles). Chet,
Flo, three Toms, two Daves, Doug, Sue, Mark, and new guys Chris and Justin, all
took a turn behind the table.

Our goal: Don't carry anything back.
Mission accomplished.

Now we've got to start collecting sinkers AGAIN....