Monday, October 06, 2014

Sunday the team took down to the New Jersey Maritime museum the ship hull planks that Capt Jerry found on the beach of bay head. The dive team did some work on them and they were just too big for us to show or store. So the museum was the place to put them, this way everyone could see and touch the planks and dream of what it was like in those long gone years of the sailing ships.

   The New Jersey Maritime Museum is located in Beach Haven N.J., you can go on line to to check it out and get museum hours and directions. This is a free museum there is no cost to get in, but contributions are welcome. No matter what you are, beachcomber or diver or someone who want to know more about N.J. maritime history this is a must for you to see!

  We would have loved to keep them and do something with them, but what? The museum is the place for them.