Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sinker Haul & Training....

Sundays drill and training mission was going after the sinker mount. We did the same as last year using a 500 pound lift bag and the winch on the front of the dive truck. We tried to pull the whole thing up but it was to much.

Big Joe and mike and greg work the main mount and Joe OJ and linda worked a new mount just 30 feet away. Joe and Linda filled a large sinker tube. After three hours in the water we called it a day and came away with 194.2 pounds of sinkers.

Miss Point Pleasant.....

Tow boat US started working on getting the Miss Point Pleasant to be broken up and pulled from the water. Today they drain the all the fuel from the tanks. They will be waiting a few days for the tides to come around and give they more time and day light! Maybe on the week end or maybe Monday..

Ship Bell...

A few years ago I had the job of recovering the bodies of two fishermen from a fishing boat that sank. I had to dive on it two other times after that to plug fuel lines and stop oil from leaking out.

On one of those dives I recovered the ships bell and It has been long enough to bring it out to show it. Big Joe built a stand for it and I finish it today.

This will be going with the team when we do our public display for everyone to see!