Friday, March 04, 2016

~2016~ Fisherman's Flea Market...

Sunday was Ocean Fire Co #1 fishing flea market and just as years past came off as a big hit. The dive team would like to say thank you to the fire company for the free table they always give the dive team to sell all the stuff we recover from the water. 
This year the team recovered over 3500 pounds of sinkers and hundreds of lures and a dozen fishing poles and we sell everything! You never know whats going to sell. One year Tom C and Sue L recovered a concete owl from th...e inlet and it was the first thing we sold that year. It sold so fast that Tom C said " we should have asked for more". This year it was a half a fishing pole that sold, who buys half a fishing pole. But it did have a nice reel on it.

Joe S (OJ) was selling the fishing poles and the lures and did a great job of selling out of everything. OJ takes all the lures we recover and cleans them up and makes them look like new. 

This was an hand hands on deck event, Just getting everything there and set up is the hard job and then we get out of the way for Sue L, Erin M, Joe S (big Joe) and Joe S (OJ) to do their magic of selling. Mike B, Rich G, Bob S and Tom T were the sinker movers and move they did. We had buckets of sinkers flying out the door. With hand trucks coming and going.