Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Ice Dive ~2015~

Sunday was the Point Pleasant First Aid Dive Teams monthly drill and with all the stories around about kids and trucks going through the ice it was a good time to get the divers ready to in the ice. We don’t always get ice in this area so every time we get ice we get the teams out on it and under it.

   Sunday turned out to be good day for it. We had 5 inches of ice and SNOW! That’s right we started our drill just as it started snowing. Well it’s never a nice day when we get called anyway. So the drill went on.

    We did surface rescues with victims falling in the ice and the rescuers going out to them and getting them out of the water. Going over ice safety and ways to get to the victims and ways to get the victims out of the water was just half the drill, the other half was going under the ice in full dive gear and searching for a lost victim.

   Being under the ice is not for everyone, it is easy to get lost and you just can’t just pop to the surface. You have to be able to find the hole you went in. This is why no divers go in without a line and a tender on that line. The tender can guide the diver using line pulls and search an area looking for a missing victim.

   Our two newest members are half way to be ice diver certified just like the rest of the team. We never know what is going to happen so we have to be ready and that is why we are always out there training! It is better to train and not need it, then to not train and come up short when called!