Sunday, March 26, 2017


 With the end of winter and the coming of spring the dive team steps up its training. Not just dive training but as members of the dive team we’re also members of the first aid squad too and do help out answering first aid calls when it gets busy.
   This last week end was emergency vehicle operations, it reviewed how we get dispatched, the information needed to be put down on the call board, special equipment we may need for a call (epi-pens, the lucas, or co2 monitor) or which vehicle goes to which call, radio procedures was also covered.
    All of this was done in the class room and then it was out to the ambulance bays to go through the ambulances to learn where everything is and how thing works
  Many thanks to captain B Schliep and 2nd lieutenant T Conroy for putting together this drill and takeing the time to run the dive team through all the things we need to get the job done.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

2017 Fishermen's Flea Mkt.

Sunday was the fishing flea market and the dive team’s biggest fund raising event. This is something we work for all year, selling everything we recover from our training dives sinkers, lures, anchors, fishing poles, old bottles anything and everything we find, one year we had a concrete owl that Sue L and Tom C found in the inlet. That thing had to be three feet tall and hundred pounds. But it was the first we sold that year.

    This year we had 2541.7 pounds of sinkers and hundreds of lures and 6 anchors and 6 fishing poles and we only had to bring a few of the bigger anchors back with us, not many people need forty pound anchors. Ali, Sue, Greg, Brandon, Evan, Rich, both Joe’s Linda and I put in a long day getting everything load up and then setting and then selling all day.

    It’s not all work, we have a lot of fun with the fishermen who come back every year to get their sinkers from us. They know who we are and how we help them and the environment removing all the debris that in the inlet.

    This year we came away with almost $2000 which will be used to help buy equipment for the team. Brandon our newest diver is also a chef in training and he made dinner for the team members back at the first aid building and I got to say he pretty good.