Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"True Alarm"...

Mannasquan Inlet

Chet Nesley, Chief Diver of the Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team (Center in Photo) was involved in a water rescue last week when a fisherman on the Mannasquan Inlet "Jacks" discovered a woman in the water. The fisherman had seen Nesley with his truck performing Water Rescue training before he started fishing the area and advised Nesley of the situation.

The local Asbury Park Press reported: "The truck belonged to Chet Nesley, chief diver with the Point Pleasant First Aid Dive Team, who was practicing dives. Nesley was wearing a wet suit and rushed to help with the rescue while Samaritano held the victim's head above water. "I didn't want to move her" because he was afraid she had injured her spine, he said."

The full story can be viewed with the following link:

These photos are not from the actual rescue but were taken during a Rescue Training exercise that the team practiced awhile back. Constant and consistent training results in the team and it's members being prepared for any situation that they are called to.


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