Sunday, June 18, 2006

Public Education & Service

Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team

The members of the Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team serve their community in more ways then just providing water safety and rescue assistance. They are involved in the community in many aspects including conducting Coast Guard Auxiliary Boating Safety courses as well as public education events.

The team has become a familiar and popular addition to the Aquarium at Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant New Jersey. They have provided many demonstrations and exhibits of the scuba diving in the area including underwater videos and artifacts found at local shipwreck sites.

Member Sue Lewicki of the Dive Team has conducted numerous exhibits showing the local marine creatures and the "Touch Tank" has become very popular with many visitors to the Jersey Shore...

The Dive team has also demonstrated the mechanics and effects of Scuba diving from inside the aquarium tanks for the public to view and learn. The public is able to view the divers in the water enviroment and watch demonstrations of underwater "Physics" such as this one showing the use of a lift bag to assist in the movement of heavy objects...

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