Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team Response...


Point Pleasant First Aid Rescue Dive Team members responded to a reported Dive accident near Gull Island in the Mannasquan River on Sunday and found CPR in progress upon arrival. Dive Team members Flo Melo, Tom Conroy, and Brandon Caladzo were all active EMT’s on site and 1st Lieutenant Gerry Meany performed transport duty.

Upon arrival the Dive Team members found a crowd of Scuba Dive students gathered around the Dive Instructor who was performing CPR on the student who had been removed from the water unconscious and not breathing.

Rescue Dive Team EMT members took over CPR and control of the accident scene and began standard operating procedures for a dive accident investigation. Witness interviews were performed to obtain important information on the victims training status, physical condition, time spent in water, location in water, water conditions, and other pertinent information to assist First -Aid Medics efforts. Dive Team members also secured and transported the victims Scuba equipment for further inspection and investigation by the proper authorities.

The Asbury Park Press had the following report on this incident:


Anonymous said...

We all knew this was coming, and we all knew UDI would kill some one some day.

RightsideVA said...

It is unfortunate that this happened and this guy was lost to apparent problems with instruction\procedures. We will be sure to follow up with a final story once all of the facts are known and released so in hopes to prevent any future loss...

In my Divemaster training no matter what a NEW student would be teamed with an experienced and certified diver who is Responsible for the student.

Garry said...

After reading the dive teams blog, http://ptrescuedive.blogspot.com/
I wanted to congratulate the members of the dive team on their swift and valiant effort, Flo, Tom, Brandon, and Gerry Meany for his transport duty; and wanted to say thank you. So from myself and everyone else on the Point Pleasant First Aid and Emergency Squad, thank you very much. Hopefully all dive calls will operate as smoothly in the future.