Sunday, September 23, 2007

Michelle K ~2004~


While conducting some research on the Manasquan Inlet for the blogpost concerning the lost “Kayaker”, I came along these photos of the “Michelle K” incident that happened in 2004...

Chief Diver Chet Nesley advised me that he was at the inlet when the Michelle K incident occurred and witnessed the clam boat running up to the South seawall of the inlet. Reports indicated that the Michelle K first struck the North jetty and then veered South ending up alongside the seawall.

Nesley stated that he was at the South seawall and saw the Michelle K veer across the inlet heading towards the seawall that had numerous fishermen at that time. He then warned the Fishermen of the impending impact and then helped the crew of the Michelle K as they exited the boat. Nesley then called back to the Dive Team that was gathering for a scheduled meeting and advised them of the incident and pending boat sinking in the inlet.

This resulted in a full response by the Point Pleasant Rescue Dive Team, the Point Pleasant First Aid team, the Fire Department, Police department, and Manasquan Inlet Coast Guard.

The Dive Team inspected the hull of the boat to determine the amount of damage and proper steps to secure the vessel to prevent further damage. They advised that the rigger should be tied off to keep the clam boat from rolling to far once the tide went out…

Following is a short report that appeared in a local paper:
Monday, October 04, 2004 The Sinking and Raising of the Michelle K
This is a picture taken of the Michelle K yesterday, after she was raised from the waters of the Manasquan Inlet. (I believe she is a clam boat.) Last week, as she was coming into the inlet, she hit the Northern Jetty and then proceeded across the inlet and sank in front of the parking lot on the Point Pleasant side. The Columbia was used to pump the water out of the Michelle K and raise her from the depths, while two tug boats kept the Columbia in position so she could do her job. This is all the information I have as of right now; most of it coming from my hubby and the talk down at the inlet. I'll keep you posted as I get more info!

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