Tuesday, November 27, 2007

M\S Explorer...


Many reports in the media last week about the M\S Explorer that went down after striking a submerged iceberg off Antarctica. Reports indicated that the damage to the hull produced a hole “the size of a fist” which sounds like the damage should have been controllable. As we all know the media tends to rush to press with whatever info they have without proper follow-up or a reading public that knows better. Photos of the damaged and sinking Explorer shows apparent damage to the hull and it appears that the hole is possibly the size of a fist but runs the length of about 40% of the ship.

Have not been able to find any follow-up stories or info on the damage but I am sure that reports will follow with time. Enviro-cruises have become popular in this area as well as Alaska in somewhat harsh conditions.

Suspecting that the Explorer settled on the bottom on it’s Starboard side, the damage to the hull should be very visible and a great wreck dive. As with any new wreck, plans are in the works for a road trip but problems have developed with locating established 7-Eleven stores along the route to provide the needed sustainable supplies… COFFEE !!!

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