Thursday, February 26, 2009

The "Sale of the Sinkers" 2009...


The Dive Team had it's most successful "sinker" sale ever. $506. of re -cycled lead! Top sales person of the day?? Had to be Sue, and Tom Traffer ( make me a offer Matt). Thanks to our security officers Eric and Dave not one sinker was stolen! Most sinkers recovered, goes to Chet. He has NEVER done a dive without bring back at least 1 sinker.Everyone did a lot of work, diving, cleaning and selling! Thanks for a great fund raising event.

We also had the box for recycling monofilment from the town at our table. Some of you know that we have helped in getting the town to set up recycling centers at the Inlet for fishing line. The box is in the class room, we could have people drop off bags of fishing line, so please do not throw it away.

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