Sunday, January 02, 2011

2011 New Years Dive...

We welcomed 2011 off to its start with our annual First Dive of the New Year. Fortunately, the weather topside had taken a turn for the warmer (40F and sunny) after last weekend's blizzard, so everyone was in good spirits for gearing up. We still had to shovel a path through the snow piles to get access to the dive site, but that also gave Sue the opportunity to do some snow sculpture while waiting for the tide to slow down.

It started out as fun, but then the Spawn of Squanny nearly bit her arm off! Lucky for Sue, the sun intervened and melted off its head.

At the Railroad Bridge, the water temp was about 37F. The ebb tide was running very late, but at some point we got tired of waiting and entered. Even with the current running, we had about 10 feet of vis (our best in a LONG while). Fourteen divers (four of whom drove over an hour to participate) toured the site and came out with smiles. Several divers also collected a diversity of small crabs for delivery to Jenkinson's Aquarium. After gear was cleaned, we all enjoyed a warm lunch and desserts.

We're glad that so many divers could make it out for the First Dive, and thanks go to Robert for documenting the day.


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