Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Fishermen's Flea Market.....GUARANTEED TO SINK....

On Sunday, February 20, 2011, the Dive Team participated in what has become an annual fundraiser. Ocean Fire Company #1 has been hosting a Fishing Flea Market at Antrim Elementary School in the middle of town for many years now, and they have been generous enough to provide us one free table for our own fundraising purposes.

As in the past, our table mostly featured lead sinkers and recycled jokes. Once customers were indeed convinced that all of our merchandise had been field-tested, pre-seasoned, guaranteed to sink, and found in the USA, many were happy to make a small donation for the salvaged goods (and so we would stop the bad jokes). They were especially reassured that we would refund TWICE the purchase price of any sinkers if they were found to float.

All told, we sold over 1000 pounds of lead, plus recovered antique bottles, anchors, grappling hooks, and fishing poles. Normally, Larry the Singing Lobster would have provided our musical accompaniment, but when he wouldn't shut up with "Don't Rock the Boat" and "Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise" early on, he got deep-sixed under the table.

In the middle of all this, we also covered two first aid calls and took shifts to visit the SCUBA Flea Market in Toms River.

We moved a lot of merchandise (most of it heavy), but with 11 members committing to the day, it all worked out. Once again, thanks go to the fire company for giving us the opportunity one more year.

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