Sunday, August 12, 2012

Grandparents Day ~2012~

The skies were cloudy as the Point Pleasant Dive Team headed out to the annual Grandparents Day event in Brick Township . We arrived to the sights and sounds of parents, grandparents and children enjoying a day by the pool.
Our purpose this day was to provide a presentation of the life and artifacts found while Scuba diving in the nearby waters of New Jersey . Our display tables included a series of macro photographs showing a variety of sea life found near Manasquan Inlet, a large shell collection and many artifacts including bottles, shipwreck items.

However, as always it was our interactive touch tank that fascinated and thrilled both children and grandparents alike. Our touch tank shows what you may see if you were to dive in the waters of New Jersey . Sea Stars, Star Coral, Spider Crabs, Snails and more are included in our mini collection. We dive first thing in the morning to collect our specimens and enough water to keep them happy and healthy.

Having a pool on the premises allowed our Chief Diver Chet Nesley and Rescue Diver Dave Gibson to provide a demonstration of some of the skills required to be a part of our Dive Team. This included a Search and Recovery of two “lost” items. Our divers blacked out their masks to simulate a zero visibility dive and searched for the items placed in the pool by our volunteers.

The day was great fun and the weather held out just long enough for us to pack up our display. Of course the day wasn’t over yet…there was one more job to do. It was time to take our specimens back to the safety of the waters where we found them.
Our thanks to the wonderful people of Grandparents Day for allowing us to share a peek into the underwater world of New Jersey .

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