Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Years Dive ~2014~

New Years day mean many things to many people. Some sleep off a night of partying, to some it means football. But for the members of the dive team it means it’s time to dive! Every year since the team was formed it has had a New Year day dive.

   So think back on some of those New Year days, some were cold, some warm, some were rain and some were snowed covered and a few were very cold!! But we never missed a day. High tides, low tides and a few beach dives, we went in the water. The team could be called any time day or night any weather and we need to be ready to go and this is a fun way to kept everybody ready to go!

  This year was not bad.  We had eleven divers and six surface support people. It wasn’t really that cold for the support people and the water was 39 degrees and in a dry suit that not all that bad. This is what we have to work in so you do get use to it. Some divers can handle it better than other. You do what you can!

   We did dive in the area of the sinker mount that we have been working for the last few months with the visibility at over ten feet we did do some sinker recovery with some of the divers. We’re trying for 2500 lbs of sinkers for the year and we came up one hundred and twelve pounds  which gave us two thousand four hundred forty five pounds and five more weeks to go. So it is a safe bet we’ll make that total.

Sometimes mother nature throws us a surprise, this year it was a slack tide that ran almost two hours late. The tide chart said the slack should be at around 1300hrs. At that time the tide was still running really hard, so we waited and waited, around 1400hrs it had slowed down and we all got it the water. Well it never stopped! The last diver came out of the water one hour and twenty minutes later and the tide was just stopped then. Well the swimming everybody had to do helped keep them warm.

The team had a tag along from the NJ scuba web site and he had never dove the inlet before and even he had a good dive! So Troy lets hope your next dive in the inlet will be better!

                                            Just facts about other new years day dives
  -5 air temp/ with chill of -17
  60 air temp
  Two feet of snow
  Snow storm
  50 feet of visibility
  0 feet of visibility

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