Monday, January 02, 2017

New Years Dive ~2017~

The tradition lives! The team came out and did our first dive of the year as it has since we were formed over twenty years ago. This year’s conditions weren't all that bad, we had 50 degrees of air temperature and bright sunny day to come out to.

The water could have been better, visibility was 2-5 feet and the temperature was 43 degrees. But we did have a high tide to work with. In the past we have had temperatures of below zero to 60 degrees and low tides and high tides and good visibility and really bad visibility. It really doesn’t matter because if we’re called we will be ready, good weather or bad weather we have been there and done that.

   Everyone one came up with something, keys, knifes, lures and sinkers and one every nice J.R.Lynch bottle. We added 54.4 pounds of sinkers to our total for the year which is now at 2000.8 pounds and we have to the end of February to match last year’s 3550 pounds.

   Recovery of the sinkers is one way the team raises money for equipment and things we use. We sell the sinkers back to the fishermen at the Ocean 1 Fire Company’s fishing flea market at is held in last February.

  The team does work cleaning the bottom removing the mountains old fishing lines that covers the bottom, which is a problem for the fishermen and the fish and crabs that gets trapped in the lines. So by recovering the sinkers and other debris we help the fishermen and the environment.

   If you would like to see what we see, go to and click on chiefdiver34 and you can watch the video we shoot. You will also see how the conditions can change, from good visibility to bad visibility.

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