Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 Elks Polar Bear Plunge...

Saturday the dive team and the first aid was on the beach at Martell’s for the Point Pleasant Elks polar bear plunge. This is one of those water events that we cover. This one isn’t as big as the one in Seaside but we still have people going in to 40 degree water. So it’s a good idea to be there.

   We have the first aids 4X4 drive ambulance and first responder truck and the five ton army truck with all the divers gear and the dive team first responder truck on the beach, with the divers all in surface rescue gear and two ready with full scuba gear ready to go if needed and the first aiders have their gear in hand and ready.  This year as is years past we got to watch and really didn’t have to do much, as this event is well run.

    With the count down and the mad dash into the water its funny how fast the people come back out. This year we had some three to four foot waves rolling in and getting hit with a 40 degree wave tends to drive back up the beach. But it’s all for a good cause.

   The Elks are great people and so are the plungers, we spend more time taking pictures with the plunges and the Elks than anything else. We always hang around because there is always someone who is late and wants to jump in.

   Thank you to everyone, Martell’s, Elks, First Aiders and the dive team and most of all the plunge for making a fun and safe event.

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