Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shore Diver Class Charity Event...

To first aid and student divers,

On Saturday, June 14, 2008, students taking the Shore Diver Class run as a charity event for the Pt Pleasant First Aid Squad Dive Team dove the Manasquan Inlet. The dive was a high tide early evening dive. Just before high slack there was a thunder and lightening storm which delayed the entry a bit. Undaunted, the divers and dive leaders got into the water just around high tide. Conditions were very good. Visibility was around 8 feet, water temp was 56 and boats and fishermen were low to moderate likely due to the storm. Student divers Luis, Alison, Kim, Alan, and Dave teamed up with dive leaders Eric, Tom C, Tom G, Chet and Flo so each student had a personal guide on their adventure dive. Divers spent around 45 minutes underwater and got to see numerous fish and marine life creatures. They plan to dive next Sunday to continue their training.

Besides a comprehensive pre dive training lecture delivered by Flo, Chet, and Tom, everyone was treated to a barbecue hosted by Flo and Norva, with food donated by 1877SCUBAUSA. After the dive everyone returned to the squad for gear cleaning followed by cake for dessert.

Tom Gormley, Pt Pleasant Dive Team

Throw it Back, Throw it Back!!!

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