Sunday, June 15, 2008

Support of the Pt. Pleasant First Aid Squad Dive Team

Phil Ventura,
1-877- Scuba USA
June 15, 2008

On behalf of the entire Pt Pleasant First Aid Squad Dive Team I want to thank you for your donation of $100 towards the Charity Shore Dive Class by the Pt Pleasant First Aid Squad Dive Team. The team serves a 24/7 year round multipurpose function for the Ocean County area. They do immediate rescues for any water related situation, recovery of missing victims and articles, search and recovery of crime evidence, community service to promote ocean and water environmental awareness, and promote and supervise safe diving in the Ocean County area. It is a volunteer organization manned by members of the First Aid Squad who are also trained rescue divers. Team members train and dive on a continuing basis, and are mainly avid civilian divers adapted to contribute to a civic need.

Your representatives Abe and Milton enjoyed the class and observed the preparation for the first dive made by the shore class students. They were invited back to dive at the next dive which will be next Sunday.

Thanks again for your contribution.

Tom Gormley, Dive Team Member
Chet Nesley, Dive Team Chief
Flo Melo, Dive Team Member

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