Sunday, June 05, 2011

Fishing Boat Wreck ~Manansquan Inlet~

The crew, who were aboard the Atlantic Traveler, were unable to control the vessel after its hydraulic hose broke, and they lost their clutch and steering and began drifting toward the rocks, the spokeswoman said. The men had left port here, but it was unknown how long they were at sea before the boat capsized.

They were taken back to the station in Manasquan, where they received medical attention and were released, a Coast Guard spokeswoman said

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c.nesley said...

As of today (21 may )the boat is still in the water. It is no longer on the getty. It has drifted off the getty and is sitting upside down on the beach just suth of the getty.The wreck is being beaten by the waves and slowly sinking into the sand.