Monday, June 27, 2011

Atlantic Traveler wreck at Mannasquan Inlet

Today, June 26th, the Dive Team took another stab at cleaning up the debris leftover from the wreck of the Atlantic Traveler from several weeks ago. After the salvage company removed the bulk of the wreck, we had surveyed the area and shot some underwater video, revealing that several masses of netting and at least one metal pipe were sticking out of the sand south of Manasquan Inlet jetty, encroaching on the swimming area. Since the event, the lifeguards have been keeping people out of that zone. We were all looking forward to clearing this area.

Conditions were less than ideal, with 3-4 foot waves (sometimes bigger) rolling in sets and heavy surge tossing us back and forth. The only saving grace here was that, in those moments you weren't getting thrown around like a rag doll, the vis was good. Tom, Milton, Sue and Chet entered the water to clean up what we could while First Aiders Max, Sarah, and Sean helped on the beach with lines.

Sue and Tom first located the metal pipe sticking straight up out of the sand (within 2 feet of surface), so the flag was tied on to this as the center point of our search area. Pivoting around, they found several hunks of net sticking out of the sand and worked as best they could to cut away the masses for removal. After the bulk of the nets were removed, Milton and Chet proceeded to use a hacksaw to cut the pipe down to sand line. The first aid shore tenders pulled this pipe and Milton back to the beach. Sue tried to work on one last batch of netting on the swim back to the beach, but Chet finished the job with the hacksaw.

With everyone safe on shore, we showed all the debris and pipe to one of the lifeguard Captains and Jenkinson's staff, reporting that everything we found was cut back down to sand line and removed. They were pleased with these results in that a little more beach can be opened up safely for use again.

The vessel sank outside the south Jetty in an Ocean Environment in an upside down position. After more than three weeks of inclement weather, Donjon Marine was able to mobilize its 400-ton capacity Derrick barge Columbia, NY from its home base in Port Newark, New Jersey to perform the wreck removal of the vessel.

June 10 - Donjon Marine mobilised its 400 tonne capacity derrick barge, Columbia, NY, to salvage the fishing boat Atlantic Traveler, which had sank after hitting the South Jetty of Manasquan Inlet off Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, USA.

F/V Atlantic Traveler
Manasquan Inlet, NJ 2011-May-11
On May 11, 2011 at 0451 EDT the 64' fishing vessel Atlantic Traveler sank outside of Manasquan Inlet, N.J. The vessel has 3,150 gallons of diesel onboard. This is about 600' from shore. Light sheen has been reported emanating from the vessel. All three people on board were removed safely.

Incident Details
Spill, potential spill, or other: Oil Spill
Cause of incident: Sunken Vessel
Products of concern: Diesel
Total amount at risk of spill: 3,150 gallons

Latitude (approximate): 40° 5.90' North
Longitude (approximate): 74° 1.80' West

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