Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jetty Drill 2014

As the summer season gets started the need for a coordinated response for any emergency’s happening on the jetty was full filled Thursday as the dive team held a drill for the life guards and the first aiders. This is a drill the team try’s to hold every year to keep everyone’s skills sharp.

    It starts out with going over search techniques for looking a lost person in the jacks, the jacks at the end of the jetty is a popular spot for fishermen. But people don’t know how dangerous they are. It is very slippery and many deep holes that you can fall into and not be seen from above and that is why we need to have these drills. So everyone can get use to working in a confined space.

   The life guards and the first aider’s were put in team of three and four and told to search the jacks. All the scenarios were based on past events that have happened on the jetty. One just a few years ago when two cousins came down to the jetty to see what a hurricane looked like and got washed off the jetty. They were recovered the next day using the same search techniques that were being used in today’s drill.

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   Once the victims were found the first aiders took over and got the victim ready to be lifted out the jacks. With the life guards and first aiders working together  the victim were put on back boards and strapped down and moved out to where they could be lifted up to the top of the jetty and moved to the ambulances.

   It’s not always easy! One victim was so well hidden that it took thirty five minutes find and recover her.

New Jersey TV-12 was also on the jetty for the drill and was able to obtain some great shots and nice footage for a News special that ran that day....

  With the victims found and the sun slowly going down it was time to end the drill. The life guards, first aiders and the dive team are ready for whatever the season brings. Hopefully we will not have to put this training to the test, but we will be ready if we have to!

Chief Dive Chet Nesley

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