Thursday, June 05, 2014

Jetty Training ~2014~

Sunday was the dive teams June drill and we hit the inlet jetty for more rescue work. Today it was getting down inside the jetty and searching for lost victims. If you have never looked at the jetty and the jacks at the end, you would have no idea how many holes and open spaces there are down inside the jetty. You could hide a whole baseball team down there and never see them from above. So the only way to search is to get down inside and start looking.

    The team does this drill every year with the first aid and the life guards and to keep the teams skill sharp. We have had many calls to the jetty for fishermen fall down inside and people falling from walking on the jacks and body recovery’s.

    This drill we had Lisa from the Middletown twp dive team with us along on the drill. She was down to see how we operate and how we get things done. She got to see firsthand how we got down inside the jetty and did our search, she got down inside the jetty and searched over 100 feet and never could be seen from above.

   We also did some water work after searching of the jetty. It looks to be a long season and the team needs to be ready for anything. It not even summer yet and the team has had a few call on the beach already. 

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