Monday, January 18, 2016

Certification Day 2016...

Yesterday was recert day for the divers on the AED and for CPR, every years the dive team needs to recert in many of the skills we need to do what ever job needs to get done. CPR, AED, dry suit diving, cold weather operation, boat operation, search and recovery, surface rescue, ice diving just to name a few.

Linda C took us through all the steps and even gave us a written test just to make sure we were all up to speed on the skills. Lets just say she didn't make it easy on us.

After the class we headed out to do some cold weather training , we headed up to Shark River Inlet but the dredge was working the inlet so we headed back to Manasquan inlet.

With the tide still running in we headed out to the jacks and worked on climbing down the rocks in full gear. Working as a team we got everyone down the rocks and in the water safely. This is something we do often. Learning where and how to get down is important skill for the divers.

After everyone was in we dropped down to the bottom and searched our way back to the exit at the base of the seawall. Visibility was a good 10-15 feet and we had a water temperature of 41 degrees. With the depth of over 25 feet what little surge there was didn’t reach the bottom. It turned out to be a nice drift dive down the inlet. 

Even with the climbs down the rocks, the long walk in full gear out to the end of the jetty and the snow, every diver came away knowing if we had to and needed to we could do it. Hell if you ask anyone of them, they will tell you if was fun!


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