Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Years Dive ~2016~

The New Years Day dive is something the team has been doing for 19 years now. We have done them in all kinds of condition, very cold, warm, snow ,rain, winds, no visibility some visibility and some times it all comes together for a great dive.

This years dive was at the Shark River bridge which is out of the Teams normal coverage area  but knowledge of surrounding area is important in the event the team is called in for assistance. It also a enjoyable dive area with interesting bottom structure and favorite place for Full Moon night dives...

2016's will go down of one of the best, good weather, good visibility and 201.8 pounds of sinkers! Not only is that the second best day we ever had it put us over 3000 pounds for the year.

Retrieving lead fishing sinkers started out being a side note but it was discovered by Chief Diver Chet Nesley that there was a market for these reclaimed "Artifacts" at the annual Fishermen's Flea Market held every year. This has become a great opportunity for the team to interact with the fishing community and repeat business with individuals has become the norm. It is also a important fund raising program for the Team...



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