Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 ~New Years Day Dive~

Happy New Year to everyone!! If you didn’t make the first dive of the year you missed one of the best first dive ever! Was the weather great, not really it could have been warmer not as cold as pass first dive or as warm as first dives in the past, but the sun was out and that help with the visibility.

This year the high tide was very late in the afternoon and we didn’t want to make it a night dive, so we planned a low tide dive. We were looking at the rail road bridge and the inlet but we have done this is the past. We did checked the ocean and it was flat so we planned an in and around. This is where we go in off the beach and let the tide bring us into the inlet and to the exit point.

   So off to the beach Max, mike B. OJ, Big foot Joe, Sue L and guest Eric geared up and headed for the water. We had surface support with Sara, Bob S, Flo, Tom C. and a new member Rick and his wife Jess. It was a nice easy walk into the water as there were no waves to speak of. We put on our masks and fins on and just rolled over and headed for the inlet.

  The water saw so clean on the beach, it had to be twenty feet or better of visibility. This dropped down to ten feet at the point of the jetty but was still good. At the point of the jetty were the Atlantic Traveler fishing boat sank a few years back the visibility went right back to twenty feet. The sand has moved out and pieces of the wreck can be seen jam in and around the rocks. (These have not been seen for a few years because of being covered over by the sand.)

   Everyone drifted down the inlet picking up sinkers and whatever they could find. It was a good day getting sinkers, with the bottom laid bare and very little sand to hide them they were there for the picking. Even Max came away with a very nice dive weight he found on the bottom. All toll the dives came away with 173 pounds of sinkers.

   With the water temperature of 43 you didn’t want to sit around digging or looking to long in the rocks. It was best to keep moving to fight off the cold. Everyone made the exit point and with the help of the surface support people we packed up and then it was back to the building for a great lunch of Flo’s homemade clam chowder and grilled cheese.

  Nina V. our team photograph had a field day with her camera, taking over 350 pictures. It’s not an easy job going through them as all of them are so good. She really does have a good eye! We’ll be posting them.

  So it was a great start to the New Year, great people and a great dive and a good time!


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