Monday, January 19, 2015

What awful weather we had this week end. Rain, cold, ice and wind you name it we had it. It took Big Foot four hours to get down to the building. Here at the shore it wasn’t that bad, we didn’t have the ice like everybody else had.

The tides were way off so if we tried to dive it would be a low tide dive. So we started sorting sinkers for the upcoming fishing flea market. We did get two full five gallon buckets sorted. I don’t think we’re going to get to 3000 pounds, but we’re still going to try.

With Greg, OJ and big foot we checked the water and said “what the hell lets dive”, so that’s what we did. It was planned as a low tide dive at the inlet. Everyone wants to make 3000 pounds now.

Let us just say it was less than good. As we were packing up the gear it was pouring rain and cold! But at the inlet it had to be 50 degrees and it wasn’t raining and there was no wind blowing. The tide was just starting to move so we got in and found out it was pretty clean for the first ten feet and below that it dropped to two feet and below eighteen feet the visibility dropped to one foot at best. It was a daytime dive that you needed a dive light for. There was a pretty good surge coming down the inlet and it moved you five to six feet. About forty minutes in to the dive you could feel the water movement change, the surge was still there but this was something else. As we surfaced we came in to a hell of a storm, the wind was blowing and it was a driving rain that hurt when it hit bare skin and the waves in the inlet were going every which way and it was now cold!

We made for the exit and got out and with the rain coming down it pretty much cleaned the gear for us! We did find 54.4 pounds of sinkers so it was OK. It was still a good dive.


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