Monday, January 26, 2015

Dive Tables....

Sunday was a busy day for the team members, we started out out with a dive tables review class so everyone can their skills shape. Its not about just water skills, members need to be able to think. 

Then it was a dive at the foot of Bay Ave as the ocean was kicked up with the coming storm,(to see pictures of the waves go to the Barnegat Bay Island,NJ Facebook page.) The water in the bay was pretty clear, we had 6-8 feet of visibility. But the water temperature was 36 degrees and even in a dry suit that's cold. Everyone came away with some nice bottles. Linda found a small school milk bottle and Greg got a really nice one gallon jug. (Sue looked it up and found out it was made in Alton,Il in 1932.) Big foot got a nice cream top milk bottle.

Then it was back to the building so OJ could check out the truck and everyone got clean up and got ready for the coming storm.

We also did a birthday greeting for someone Joe knows.

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